Should I Build My Own Website?

November 15, 2017

Successful businesses today recognise that a professional, optimised and managed website is a powerful marketing tool. The impact of this is important not only for website design on the Gold Coast, but internationally. A professional web presence is invaluable in 3 ways for businesses. It enables (1) Improved customer engagement, (2) Increased Business Brand recognition and (3) Measurable Growth. Business owners with these objectives in mind are keen to research the best way to acquire a meaningful web presence. Should you build your own website?

Solid Reasons to Build Your Own Website

There are many good reasons that an in-house website build is worthy of investigation. Firstly, there is a plethora of content management systems such as Wix, Squarespace and WordPress to name few. The systems are user friendly and simple enough for those with a basic knowledge of web design to navigate. If you have a little bit of a flair for design and a pinch of web knowledge, this alone might be enough to sway you to try your hand at building your own web site. Another compelling reason to build your website in-house is the cost. Costs associated with the Build process and Domain setup can be attractively low and a great way to get started. If that were not enough even in the long term many companies offer domain hosting at ridiculously low prices.

You will find as a result that website building is relatively simple and can be achieved at a competitive price, and that the Total Cost of Ownership can be kept low.

Why Use an Experienced Web Developer?

Despite the advantages of the build you own website method many still look to an experienced web designed to take them through the process. “So”, you may ask “Why??” There are many and at times more important reasons to consider using an experienced web developer. Although many of the content management systems are quite simple to master and cost at the outset can be unbelievably low, there are at least 4 areas where an experienced web designer can provide distinct and valuable advantages:

  1. Time
  2. Costs
  3. Experience
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Let’s evaluate these 4 areas of concern a little further.

Time and Costs

I have merged these two together because as the cliché goes time is money. Therefore, more time is moremoney. Why is this relevant? Although anyone can begin the process of building a website the time it takes for a business to learn the build system as well as chasing support for any problems encountered can be extensive. To break this down. When employing new staff for office administration wpm (words per minute) is an all too familiar term. An employee who can type more words per minute will be more productive in the office. In the same way the familiarity of web designers with systems and common build issues can save an immense amount of time.

Time Is Money

Many Business owners choose to complete the build process on the job. As a result of employees multitasking los productivity time-frames often blow out, and too often in a big way. On numerous occasions I have met with business owners offering to assist them with their web presence only to be told “I wish that you were here 2 years ago. 2 years ago the business had started the process of building their website. Money was lost in time. The cost of not having the site live in brand recognition, revenue, and customer engagement  is inexcusable. The cost cannot be counted, and the time cannot be made up. When presented with an offer from a reputable web builder you will have a projected time frame. Of course, this will be variable, but it will be a short time, less than a month in some instances and rarely more than 3.


It may seem fairly obvious why Inexperience is a pitfall for anyone building a website due to a limited knowledge of the build systems and management. Knowledge of Web design, Construction and Management is critical to providing a professional and well-designed website in a reasonable time frame. But experience is more than knowledge. Experience also provides networking, ability to access important resources not available to those building their own website. Networking today is a key part of any web developer’s toolkit. Web Developers use networks are used to solve problems, learn, and also to procure skills at competitive prices.

What if you would like your website to be different? It can be very difficult to achieve with a limited knowledge of coding and the resources you will need to get  the right outcome. The network that web designers build provides solutions at very competitive prices, resulting in no loss of time  spent fruitlessly trawling the web.

SEO (Search engine Optimisation)

SEO is a critical part of ensuring your website achieves the 3 objectives mentioned at the outset. (1) Improved customer engagement, (2) Increased Business Brand recognition and (3) Measurable Growth. In all of the content management systems offered to those who choose to build their own website, SEO is not automatic. In fact, SEO has become an art-form on its own. Many experienced web designers will outsource SEO to an expert to ensure best results. Search engine algorithms are constantly being changed, refined and updated. As a result. what was once a basic rule for SEO will now penalise your position in search engine results.

In conclusion Premier Web Creations offers Web Design, Construction and Management at competitive prices. We can provide all of the noteworthy benefits of experienced web developers without the inflated prices. Premier Web Creations provides professional web design on the Gold Coast, and internationally. Please contact us today for a free appraisal and see how a professional optimised and managed website can benefit your business.